Dreznik Fortress & Korana River Canyon


Proud guardian of the Plitvice Valleys.

The old town of Drežnik is a magnificent fortress from the 12th century that protected this part of
Europe for 400 years from the invasion of the Ottomans.

Distance from hotel Degenija

6 km

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Due to its strategically important position, Drežnik often changed owners over the centuries, which left its mark on its walls, but 900 years later he still stands proudly as a witness to the turbulent history of this area. It is one of the few preserved historical attractions of the Plitvice Valleys that the municipality of Rakovica has decided to protect and carefully restore. At the end of 2011, the large tower was restored, and since then the project of repairing the walls and roof of the large inner tower and the remains of the defensive walls has been underway.

Although it is not possible to explore the interior of the tower in 2021, the glade where the fortress is located is part of many cycling, walking and riding routes because this place offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Korana River and the mountain peak Lička Plješivica.


Discover the beautiful canyon of the river Korana that passes through the Plitvice valleys and the settlements of Selište Drežničko, Čatrnja and Drežnik Grad. There used to be over ten water mills on the stretch from the village of Korana to Stipić Bridge and Drežnik Grad. They were known throughout the region and because of the flour, locals came here from nearby and distant places. Currently, one water mill has been renovated in Čatrnja, from where the trail to the Old Town of Drežnik starts. There are several bathing areas and approaches to the canyon.

One of them is located opposite the Hotel Degenija and you can take a short walk of tenminutes down the canyon.


We hope that in the future everything will be better connected with more promenades and paths at the bottom and above the canyon. In the summer time, the canyon can dry out and partly lose its attractiveness, but for lovers of walking and nature, it will also be an interesting landscape.

In its further course, the Korana represents the natural border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in the town of Karlovac it flows into the river Kupa.

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