Hotel Degenija

Bistro & caffe Plum

Here you can enjoy drinking your first coffee or watching the sunset with your favorite cocktail. In the bar we serve a rich breakfast buffet. In case you’re not in the mood for a large breakfast we offer you croissants, sandwiches and pancakes. In the afternoon hours we serve various food: burgers, risotto, salads, steaks and sweets.


We offer a wide selection of fine wines, champagnes and a rich selection of cocktails. Wi-Fi is free for all guests and the important sporting or other events are available to you through large LCD TVs.

Working hours: 07:00 - 23:00h

Spring Menu

Bistro & caffe Plum

Cream of Kale and wild garlic soup

38 HRK / 5€

Cold platter (prosciutto, sausage, local cheese, jam, honey)

85 HRK / 11€

Polenta, local caw cheese and cream on onion

70 HRK / 9€

Local Trout tartare, baked lemon cream, pickled radish, butter, toast

125 HRK / 16€

Steak Tartare, butter, toast

125 HRK / 17€

Spring rolls with Škripavac cheese, carrots, zuchinni and cabbage, cherry jam, wild garlic oil

75 HRK / 10€

Lamb Ravioli, porcini mushrooms sauce, parmigiano cream

115 HRK / 15€

Beetroot Risotto, local aged cheese, wild garlic oil

110 HRK / 15€

Homemade pappardelle with black truffles

130 HRK / 17€

Green salad, focaccia, baked Škripavac cheese, walnuts, pumpkin oil

85 HRK / 11€

Trout fillet in almond crust, polenta, cauliflower

130 HRK / 17€

Slow cooked lamb, potatoes, spring onions, lamb jus

210 HRK / 28€

Turkey leg confit, ‘’mlinci’’ with garlic, carrot, cranberry

130 HRK / 17€

Veal chop, mashed potatoes with brown butter and spring onion, porcini mushrooms sauce

160 HRK / 21€

Ribeye steak, Black Angus (local farm), fried sweet potato, beans, green pepper sauce

320 HRK / 42€

Braised veal cheeks, celery puree, pickled celery

160 HRK / 22€

Choco mousse of Callebaut chocolate, homemade vanilla ice cream, chocolate crumble

550 HRK / 7€

Cheesecake, strawberry and lime compote, streusel sable

50 HRK / 6.5€

Mille-feuille, vanilla crème patissiere, chantilly cream, raspberry sorbetto

550 HRK / 6.5€